European War 4: Napoleon App Reviews

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This game is just wow

This is soon better than the other I really wish easy inc make another world war With these type of features

Good but can be improved...

This is by far the best mobile game I have ever played, however I would really appreciate a co-op multiplayer mode and demand complex diplomacy... The ability to trade/give resources, donate troops, give and request land, declare war and sew for peace, make deals not to attack places for a price. Paying to avoid conflict, the ability to upgrade city’s more (total war style, the ability to build and farther upgrade farms and cities and much more. I would also appreciate a custom setup for multiplayer... I love this game but I wish they countinued to work on it. Many people have great ideas to improve the game and yet it’s all in vein this game is an empty platform that needs more structure...? It saddens me greatly... Also add better moral mechanics...

Historically accurate

Based on reading the book Napoleon: a life by Andrew Roberts, most of the generals mentioned in the game were real people. Not only were they real but the campaign put them exactly in the place they were in that time, for example Desaix, in the campaign for the imperial eagle he is in the the mission in northern Italy and Egypt and Marengo and then after that he is no longer in the game because he was shot in Marengo. And on top of it the game is really fun and very strategic, with moral, and industrial production etc. Overall I would highly advise you to get this game.

Nice game but can we have more just like it

Im saying more napoleonic wars, like world conquerer 4 with the diplomacy but you can also make peace in conquest, and not make us poor every time we start a conquest, I want a European War 6 plz make it if you like the idea

In my opinion this is easytechs best game

The best game that they have made get this game


Really good and is a little challanging and does not need wifi.

Good principles

This game relies on its merits alone to be a well functioning game, there are no ads, the micro transactions are there to only enhance the gameplay, and overall the mechanics are well rounded.

Extremely addictive just need an update

This Strategy game is one of the best and one of the more easier easytechgame out there btw theres is no violence no blood just so if your child is begging for this game let him or her. I highly highly ?Recommend this game 5/5 stars!!! It also uses your brain to put strategy for war. But the only problem with this is that they really need to update this game.

Amazing ?

Amazing it reminds me of risk

Lost all game progress. (Save our Game Data!!!)

? Thanks for not allowing us to save our game data. My iPod broke & now the hours of my life was definitely wasted. Also I spent a dollar to add another general but I guess I cant get that back!!! Since you guys take forever to fix things. Get into your tiny heads to allow us to save our entire progress on all of the games!! Thanks for wasting our valuable time you dogs. ?

The best game ever played!

The best one!

Amazing game-all time best

This is my favorite phone game of all time. The graphic style is beautiful, and I was hoping to see this style in WC4- didnt happen. You were never really forced to buy medals, and the system is amazing. The neutral contries system thing is cool, and one of the best things about this is conquests. There is a huge selection of generals, each with a wide variety of different abilities and skills. My only complaint is that I would love to see a EW6, where it is just like this(most importantly the graphics are the same) but it would go till WW2 or the Cold War. I would pay $10 for that, and I rarely buy games, especially for that much. I am really thankful for the staff that has worked on this app, they damned well deserve a raise. Thank you guys for the hard work, hope to see another one!

Decent game, could be so much more

Overall the game is good. However, there is a lot of room for improvement. First, the AI is not very smart. The AI needs to be upgraded and customizable (easy, hard, etc). Second, players should be able to openly declare war on allies, and/or customize allies (example: a "no ally" mode). It is annoying to have blocks of territory occupied by allies within your territory, streaming across the map and building forts, etc. Third, units need to be upgradable - militia to line infantry, for example. Players should also be able to disband units. Fourth, non-historical units need to eliminated - no machine guns or iron clads please! Keep it pure to the tech available at the time. In sum, make the game more like the Panzer Corps of yesteryear! One of my favorite hex grid strategy games.

Great game

I love this game so much and you should play it too

Make a Asia version

The game is incredible, and really fun, I would love if you guys made an Asian War 4 where you did the Asian continent instead . Or you guys should keep this game but add conquest and campaign in Africa, Asia, and South America so you could actually build up the empires the European Nations had during and before and after the Napoleonic era.

Extremely addictive

This Strategy game is one of the best and one of the more easier easytechgame out there btw theres is no violence no blood just so if your child is begging for this game let him or her. I highly highly ?Recommend this game 5/5 stars!!! It also uses your brain to put strategy for war.

Awesome Game

Its awesome

Update wish list

You should consider allowing people to chose if they want bots in host/local so its not just a 1v1 also you should add a way to trade with other bots or people so its more fun sinsierly a player that plays your game

Great game

Great game! I just wish that yall would update the game. Like some new maps or something.

Good job

It was realy realy good

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