European War 4: Napoleon App Reviews

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Good strategy game

Its really realistic and I like the "morale" aspect where your troops have lower morale when their health goes down


But there is a problem the ai they kept creating militias and line infantry and one time when i trying to end the game by killing the last unit a heavy artillery commanded by napoleon that was holding out in a artillery factory.But there was so much militias and line infantry created by ai that were surrounding the last enemies that i could get past a unit since it was too crowded and since militias and line infantry aren’t that strong they could barely damage napoleon and there were so much units from Prussia,Russia,Sweden,and autrisa that i couldn’t do anything at all.

good game

add a sandbox mode, where you can make countries and choose teams, or make a free for all mode

Only Good Grand Strategy on App Store

Its a good game for killing time and such. Ild recommend it to others however, it could use some improvements. These include making it so when you move over allied territory, you dont capture it. That would really reduce border-gore. As well, I dont understand why certain cities are in the completely wrong place. To me, the most glaring example is Bratislava which is located in modern day Croatia, it should be in Slovakia. As well, unit types arent accurate for the time period such as Armoured Cars. Diplomatic options should be allowed such as changing sides or making peace with one or more of your opponents. Another features that should be added to the game is the ability to stack troops, which would make the late game much more playable. Another useful addition would be to make troops automatically move towards the frontline so you dont need to be moving 100+ troops in the late game. As well, unique general sprites should be added some of the North African countries in order not to have them have North American Natives generals. My final recommendation is a change to the dimensions of the map. Each theatre of war should have an identical map for all the start dates.

Great game

Great game just wish it had a hot seat game mode to play with friends.

Extremely addictive just need an update

This Strategy game is one of the best and one of the more easier easytechgame out there btw theres is no violence no blood just so if your child is begging for this game let him or her. I highly highly ?Recommend this game 5/5 stars!!! It also uses your brain to put strategy for war. But the only problem with this is that they really need to update this game. Since there has not been an update for 2 years so far.

For it’s aduens amazing game

But not a good introduction it doesn’t has to be ;but good introduction to “hardcore “crowed


Amazing this game is so good and I love the food mechanic it makes it just a little bit better

No way to restore purchases

There doesn’t seem to be a way to restore purchases. So good luck on getting a new phone and picking up where you left off or even temporarily deleting the game.

Amazing underrated game

This game is truly a gem in the rock but it requires great strategy.


Appears that every enemy troop is better than yours from the start.

Very good

Still playing

Best IOS strategy game

I have had this game for around two years and still love it. It is very well done and detailed in its mechanics. My only complaint is the coalition AI sometimes builds a huge force but does not attack. French ally AI charges and fails, or goes thru your land building forts. I would also like to see the ability to make peace/declare war. Overall great game, looking forward to the next release from you guys.

Great game but,

On my old phone I had 4 GREAT generals and completed 4 conquests with them but on my new phone I don’t I’ve looked for a restore purchases option but couldn’t find one. If you can tell me where or add a restore purchases button that’d be great and I’ll say 5 stars

Best game they’ve made ever!

This has everything I could have wished for on a mobile strategy game. I wish the fifth one could have been like this to but it was just disappointing. You have something going in this game. Keep it going guys. ?

I love this game

I love this game (:

A.I fortresses

They are very annoying. It takes way to long to destroy and pop up to often. They build them 2 spaces apart from each other so you have to go through hundreds before winning the game or the objective. I would love if you increase the spaces the A.I fortresses can spawn next to a another fortress. (5) or just make them not construct-able and just spawns them when you get in the game. Other than that i have no complaints, wonderful game idea.


Good game period

So far so good

Two rounds in. And enjoying it. No real need to spend money yet. We will see.....


Good game but it’s a little vague on the objectives as you go, maybe highlight the main objective so we can manage it in proper amount of moves

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